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Festive Holiday Ideas for an OrganWise Classroom

We have enjoyed sharing these unique, creative and festive holiday ideas from Ollena Jackson, an innovative former extension agent in Tazewell, Virginia each holiday season. We appreciate the variety of holidays being celebrated during this season so feel free to modify any of these ideas to fit your specific celebration!

OWGtreeAn OrganWise Tree Contest – Have a contest for all of the classrooms in one grade level. Make a chart for each classroom and if every student drinks low-fat or skim milk for lunch, they get to put a sticker (you could even use a Calci M. Bone one!) on the chart. The class with the most stickers wins an OWG tree for its  classroom. For the winner, Ollena loaned the classroom a small tree with the plush organs from the small OrganWise Gal doll used for ornaments.

Santa Claus Letters – Have Santa Claus send each class a letter (once permission from the principal is granted of course). In the letter talk about how hard it is for Santa to make it through the entire night with all of the sweets the kids leave him to snack on. Santa can ask for veggies and fruit to be left for him instead this year if they didn’t mind. Santa can also mention the exercise program that Mrs. Claus has them on and how much the reindeer and elves enjoy learning from the OWG (after all, Mrs. Claus uses OWG in her classrooms at the North Pole.) The letter is so much fun and the kids will go crazy over it.

owgalOrganWise Guy/Gal on the Desk – By now we are sure you have heard of the wildly popular Elf on the Shelf. Try out this healthy version that can be used in the classroom. Every night OrganWise Guy/Gal emails Santa and lets him know if the kids in that classroom ate healthy snacks, lunches, were helpful and nice students, etc. (Note: Send an email response to Guy/Gal from a separate email account from “Santa.”) The teacher prints out the email each morning and reads it to the students. The email always has a healthy message and a holiday tip to share. The teachers tend to really get into this and move Guy/Gal around the classroom at different times of the day when the kids are out of the room. You can even get the principal and other excited staff to join in the fun!

Try out the OrganWise Tree in your classroom and please send us pictures!

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