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Finding the Right People to Implement Your OrganWise Guys Program

We recently implemented The OrganWise Guys Comprehensive School Program (OWG CSP) in 80 schools across 31 counties in the great Volunteer State, with another 70 set to start down the road. We found some dynamite partners in Coordinated School Health (CSH), who received funding for the program from BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee Health Foundation. We are grateful for this collaborative effort and have thoroughly enjoyed learning some new ideas from these great new partners.TN20Melinda20McCartt20Organ20Wise20picture201.

One advantage of OWG CSP is its flexibility. It is generally recommended that the program start either at the beginning of the school year or in January based on the flow of the school year with testing and other activities. However, as we received initial feedback from CSH Coordinators, we have found that they have taken this program and run with it. They have modified it to fit their school schedules and programming. One unique trend that we’ve seen emerge is  that the schools are getting more creative with the actual implementers of the program. Typically, the classroom teachers offer most of the instruction, but many of these schools are using a variety of staff to help with the implementation.

Have you thought about using any of these personnel to assist you in getting the OWG into your school? Find the people who are passionate about teaching children about nutrition education. Try asking some of the following people:

  • School principal
  • PE teacher
  • Traveling health educator
  • School guidance counselor
  • School Nurse
  • Foodservice personnel
  • Fine arts teachers
  • Peer educators (older students love taking ownership and mentoring the younger students)

We love this “out of the box” thinking and applaud these Tennessee schools for their creativity and school wide involvement. It helps bring camaraderie to the school and makes everyone feel like they are contributing. What better cause to come together on than inspiring and creating healthier children?

If you’ve done some unique things to implement the OWG CSP in your school, please share your comments on this blog.


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