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Finishing Touches

Well hello everyone,

I hope you all have enjoyed hearing about our garden since we sure have enjoyed getting it started! I am so proud of how hard everyone has worked, especially Madame Muscle. She had an idea and, with the help of friends and our teacher, she made it into a reality. Now, we are just pretty much waiting for the fruits and veggies to start to grow (it takes a lot longer for them to grow than it takes for us to digest them!).
Even though we all thought we created a masterpiece, I knew the garden was missing something, but I couldn’t decide exactly what it was. Then it hit me! The garden needed a sign that let everyone know exactly what this little patch of earth is. I found an old piece of wood, got out my paint set, and painted a sign that read: Goodhealth’s Good Garden. This way, everyone knows Miss Goodhealth and her class were the ones who made this garden a reality. I am not the world’s best artist, so I was a little nervous about giving it to Madame Muscle. It turns out that I didn’t need to be nervous, she loved it! In fact, she wanted all of us to take a group picture with it in front of the garden.OWG_Blog_Art_5-26-11

We all can’t wait to eat the delicious food that is germinating as we speak!

Talk to you soon,
Peri Stolic

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