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"Fit"-tastic Finger Foods

Football parties and tailgates do not necessarily have to mean unhealthy fare. In fact, we want to share some tasty ways that you can create nutritious finger foods without sacrificing flavor for your next gathering! Fruit is a fantastic way to include a sweet treat to the typical unhealthy party spread.



  • Fresh Fruit with Cinnamon Yogurt Dip – Serve this yummy dip at your next event! It is sure to be a refreshing hit! You can get the complete recipe here.
  • Tropical Fruit Kabobs with Yogurt Dip – We have featured these on several occasion and they are always a hit! They are a sweet treat that also dresses up the food table with its bright colors! You can click here to see the recipe!
  • Butternut Squash Dip – Make this as a substitute to the typical cheese or cream-based dips. Get the recipe here.
  • Baked Pita Chips (for your Healthy Dips) – This is a simple and healthy way to scoop up your healthy dips! Click here to see how we cooked these up!

So next time you want to impress with a healthy appetizer, whip up one of these easy recipes!

What are your some of your favorite appetizers to bring to the big party?

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