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Five Ways to Use the Grocery Store as a Teaching Tool

It’s the dreaded trip to the supermarket. Most of us try to avoid dragging the kids down the aisles; preferring to dart in and out during moments alone. Although it takes more work and time, the grocery store can be a great tool to teach kids how to make healthy choices. Here are five tips to get you started.

  1. Make it a game. Before you go, sit your kids down and talk about how you want to see the shopping cart full of healthy foods. Print out your list and have the kids help you find the various items.
  2. Make the produce section a learning lab. Most grocery stores have an assortment of fruits or vegetables kids have never tried. So if that mango isn’t on your meal plan, but the kids seem intrigued, buy one for them to taste test when you get home from the market!
  3. Show them the labels. Kids don’t need to know what everything on a label means but they can start to grasp why 350 grams of sugar in their breakfast cereal is a bad choice.
  4. Let them help you plan a healthier dinner menu. A few examples: make your own baked sweet potato fries instead of buying frozen french fries or purchase the ingredients for homemade pizzas, complete with low-fat cheese and veggies, instead of ordering from the local pizza joint.
  5. Find healthy treats! Make a healthy banana split: Pick up fresh bananas, low-fat frozen yogurt and low-fat whipped cream. They can sprinkle with a few pecans or walnuts for a delicious treat.


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