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Flipping for Gymnastics

Hola amigos!

Have you been watching the gymnastics events for the Olympics? If not, you are missing out on some truly increíble (that’s Spanish for “incredible”) performances.  These gymnasts not only walk on a beam that is four inches wide, they do flips on it!  And the floor routines are spectacular! They do a back handspring into a flip into another flip, all with a smile on their face. These gymnasts, both the boys and girls, are very strong and there’s no doubt that they follow The OrganWise rules of low-fat, high-fiber, lots of water, and exercise. They better pay extra attention to drinking plenty of water, as the high impact nature of gymnastics means that their muscles will need plenty of water to keep them performing at a top notch level. Oh, I gotta go but enjoy my coloring sheet while you watch some great Olympic action!

Madame MusclePrint

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