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Foods of the Month Party!!!!

Hey everybody!

September is just about over and that means we’ll be getting new Foods of the Month soon.So, The OrganWise Guys wanted to have one last ‘hurrah’ with this month’s foods, so we are throwing a little pizza party after school today! We’ll be making pizza containing … you guessed it, tomatoes and whole wheat! We are making healthy pizzas using whole wheat dough, low-fat mozzarella cheese, and some tomato slices as toppings. We might even add a bit of pepper and garlic to keep things interesting! I’m off to prepare for the pizza party, but you guys should make sure to eat plenty of whole wheat foods and tomatoes today and tomorrow, because September’s not over yet! Make sure you get my coloring and activity sheet today!OWG_Blog_Art_9-29-11

Have a great day,
Hardy Heart

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