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Foods of the Month

Hello fellow OrganWise Guys Club Members,

I hope all of you have been joining me in my year-long quest to eat more Foods of the Month each month. If you haven’t, no worries, you can start this month! This month’s foods include stems and fish. Stems? Yes, stems. That is just a fancy way to say asparagus and celery. (Next time you want a snack, try celery and peanut butter, you’ll get some ‘stem’ and protein). Also, if your parents ask you for a dinner suggestion, tell them you want to try some salmon. It’s the least fish-y kind of fish. Besides, your parents will be impressed by your sophisticated tastes :).

Don’t forgot today’s coloring sheet and activity sheet!

Keep eatin’ healthy,
Peter PancreasOWG_Blog_Art_3-7-13

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