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Friday Night Football Game

Well hey there!

Last Friday night was one for the record books, for two reasons. You see, my family and I went to watch the high school football game. My dad and I love watching the high school team play under the Friday night lights, but my mom … not so much. Like I said earlier, Friday night was one for the record books. We were playing our cross-town rivals, and things were getting pretty crazy down there on the field as both teams were playing great. In fact, both offenses were playing so great that the game was tied 35-35. Our team had the ball on our own 43-yardline and there was only a few seconds left. Instead of taking a knee and sending the game into overtime, our field goal kicker came on the field. He was attempting a 67-yard field goal? That’s crazy! You know what’s crazier? He made it! It was the longest field goal in school history! The crowd went wild, including my mom! My mom never gets excited at these games, but even she couldn’t contain her enthusiasm for the unbelievable kick. That is definitely a family memory I will remember for many Friday nights to come.OWG_Blog_Art_10-8-12

Keep livin’ OrganWise,

Luigi Liver

PS -Don’t forget today’s coloring sheet!

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