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Get Your Dairy in this Summer

Calci M. Bone not only loves the month of June because it’s summertime, but most importantly because it’s National Dairy Month. Having a month dedicated to her favorite foods is certainly special! Even though it is summer, it is still very important to make sure you are getting in enough servings of dairy each day. You can find out what the daily recommendations are here. Simply drinking milk may not be everyone’s favorite summertime treat, so here are some tasty ideas to get your calcium in during these hot months:

  • Low-Fat Frozen Yogurt – Try this instead of regular ice cream as a sweet treat following a healthy dinner!
  • Yogurt Parfait – Layer some of your favorite berries and low-fat granola on some low-fat yogurt for a tasty snack.
  • Berry Smoothie – We have a fantastic recipe that includes both low-fat yogurt, skim milk and berries! Try it here.
  • Cheese Kabob – Incorporate low-fat cheese on a skewer in between pieces of fruit such as apples, grapes or berries.
  • Yogurt Popsicle – Freeze your favorite low-fat yogurt (try Greek!) in a popsicle container and enjoy as a refreshing snack!

What is your favorite dairy treat during the hot summer months?


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