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Getting Back on Track

Well hello everyone!

This weekend was a fun one. I played some tag football with friends, worked in the garden, and read a great book for school! However, I hate to say it, but on Sunday, I only had two servings of fruits and vegetables. I know, I know, I need to be eating a lot more of fruits and veggies each day but between hanging out with friends and doing schoolwork and helping with chores around the house, I forgot.  Being an intestine, I definitely noticed the lack of fiber in my diet. So this week, I am making a chart so I stay on track and eat lots of fruits and veggies each day of the week. And to start my morning off right, I am going to listen to The OrganWise Guys song “Gimme Five!” You can too, just head on over to the music videos section of the website and take a listen, then eat some fruits and veggies! OWG_Blog_Art_9-12-11

To keep you extra motivated, check out this week’s activity sheet (brought to you earlier than normal) where you can keep track of your daily servings.

Talk to you soon,


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