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Give Your Kids the Gift of Health This Christmas – Special Deal Enclosed!

The greatest gift we all long to give our children is a healthy, happy life. In our chaotic world, giving this gift is often a challenge. It’s our desire but between our own busy schedules and the fact that we can’t monitor our children’s eating habits 24/7, we can tend to feel like we’re fighting an uphill battle when it comes to even little things like getting our kids to choose a glass of water over a sugary fruit juice.


Last month, we had the opportunity to work with the Bookieboo blogger network to get some feedback on our The OrganWise Guys In the House kit. This kit, designed for children ages 3-8, is a fun and interactive way for families to learn healthy habits together. We sent each mom a copy of our kit and asked her to implement it with her family. We saw some amazing posts come out of it and so we wanted to share snippets of a few of those:

I love that kids are given enough time to really practice putting these habits in place. As a busy mom it can be so hard for me to stay on top of all the healthy reminders that I want my kids to work on, but the tracking system of 7 consecutive days is great! – From VidaCoco 

Repeating each healthy habit every day for 7 days really made the girls consider that a random healthy meal doesn’t make you healthy and that healthy choices should be made all day long  – From Fitness Cheerleader  

One interesting thing I learned by using The OrganWise Guys was surprising to me. My children apparently like lists to check off and find pleasure in that. I never knew this. So imagine my surprise when the lists were filled out without prompting and over the course of following the OrganWise rules for seven days it was easy to see their habits were drastically improving … Even after our activity time was done, one visit to a restaurant revealed how much this made an influence on my kiddos. My nine year old ordered a meal and it did not come with a side dish. He asked for a bowl of fresh sliced apples. My heart was happy. – From Choosing Love

As you’re choosing gifts to put under the tree this year, we’d like to ask you to consider adding OWG In the House to that list. It’s fun and it really works. Helping your children choose good health is a gift that will last a lifetime.


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