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Golden Memories

Hello hello!

Today, we arrived at our final stop on this cross-country adventure, San Francisco, California. While we could have just been bummed about our trip ending, we instead decided to get out and enjoy this city, which I think was a very smart decision. The best part of the day was walking across the Golden Gate Bridge. Walking over the San Francisco Bay, one can’t help but be impressed by the beautiful view, as well as the incredible brainpower and manpower it took to build such a large bridge! It’s 1.7 miles and still standing after all these years! The toothpick bridges I have built are much smaller and not quite as sturdy!

After walking the bridge, we made our way down the wharf (which is essentially a pier) and saw the sea lions. There were so many of them lying around on the docks! I couldn’t help but think: Get up and get active! While I thought that about the sea lions, we decided to take that advice ourselves. We played a little volleyball on the beach before we enjoyed a very healthy dinner.

This summer has been amazing! Can’t wait to enjoy the last few days of our trip before we fly back!

Think healthy thoughts and get one another coloring sheet and activity sheet from our trip!!!

Sir RebrumSir Rebrum Golden Gate Bridge

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