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Good Neighbors

Hey team,

I know we all look forward to summer as a break from school, but sometimes I kind of miss school in the summer. It’s fun to see your friends every day and without school as a place to see them, summer can almost get boring. I said “almost!” But I’m very lucky that I have so many other kids in my neighborhood to play with all summer long! I don’t always get to see a lot of my neighborhood friends at school because some are older, younger, or they go to another school altogether. For me, summer means reconnecting with these kids, which is why things never actually get boring! Gotta run though, I’m off to a kickball game. It’s front of the neighborhood vs. the back part of the neighborhood. Wish me luck, oh and make sure and download your coloring sheet for today!

OWG_Blog_Art_6-16-14Talk to you later,


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