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Grand Adventures

Hey team!

Calci Paddle

Leaving the Grand Canyon is a definite bummer because we had SO MUCH FUN!! We spent our days hiking the trails and

enjoying the outdoors. Yesterday, we went for a hike deep into the canyon so we could go whitewater rafting!  We took two rafts down the Colorado River, navigating our way through the giant walls of the canyon. Our guides were sure to put us in lifejackets and helmets (gotta protect our Sir Rebrums!). When we made our way out of the canyon and to the end of our journey, Miss Goodhealth had a picnic waiting for us! If you ever get the chance, you all should go whitewater rafting with your family! Even kayaking or canoeing would be a great way to spend some quality time with the ones you love, all while enjoying some time outdoors and getting in some physical activity (You gotta row the boat! They aren’t gonna move themselves!).

Next stop, LA! Get your coloring sheet and activity sheet for the road!

Talk to you later,


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