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Great Way to Start Your Day!

Hi Guys and Girls!

School is just around the corner and you know what that means … getting up early! I know, I know, it’s difficult, but you need to start getting back into the routine because you don’t want to wake up late and not have time to eat breakfast. There are three meals a day and each one is important to your health! So start getting back into your morning routine by waking up when you normally would for school and eating a nutritious breakfast. If you start now, when the first day of school rolls around, waking up on time will be a piece of cake (not for breakfast though!).
In case you need a little reminder on why eating breakfast is important, check out this week’s OrganWise Guys video, “Don’t Skip Breakfast!” We have a new coloring sheet and activity sheet for you today as well!OWG_Blog_Art_8-25-11

Keep eating healthy,

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