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Green, Green and More Green

Hi there!

OWG_Blog_Art_3-11-13After a nice weekend, I came to school to see my classroom decorated in all things green … green tablecloths, green book covers, green posters, green streamers and more green! My teacher was even wearing all green clothes this week. At first, I was quite confused what all the green was about, but then I remembered that St. Patrick’s Day is this weekend. My teacher said she would be wearing green all week as we learn about Ireland and St. Patrick’s Day. This sounded like it would be a fun week, but it was missing one thing… green food! So I asked my teacher if I could bring in some green healthy snacks for the class to have during our lesson. Since all the food will be healthy, she was happy to say yes. So this week, I’ll be bringing in healthy treats like snap peas, spinach salad, granny-smith apples, sliced cucumber, and celery sticks! Who knew St. Patrick’s Day could be so healthy?!

Keep breathin’,

And don’t forget to download today’s fun coloring sheet!

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