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Green Tasting Party

We love this creative St. Patrick’s day idea that you can incorporate into the classroom. (You could truly do this year-round, but the green is quite appropriate this month!). Cindy Aylor, an enthusiastic Health/Movement teacher in West Virginia, provided us with the “Green” Tasting Party theme. Aylor says that she is always amazed at how many kids have not tried some of the most common green foods and the feedback she receives from parents is always very positive stating their kids “would never try this at home!” What a fun way to celebrate a holiday AND be healthy!

Here are some tips on throwing your own “green” party:

  • In preparation, send home requests for each child to bring in something green (and healthy!).
  • Send suggestions such as pickles, kiwi, green peppers, olives, celery snap peas, broccoli, grapes, green apples, and peas.
  • Make sure your tasting table is festive with green table cloths and any other fun St. Patrick’s Day decorations.
  • Put a “taste” of each item on every child’s plate and request they atleast try each item.
  • Lead a discussion after the tasting party to talk about their new favorite green foods.
  • Have the children draw and color their new favorite green food to take home and share with their parents.

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Have you ever tried this in your classroom? What kinds of “green” items did your students bring in?

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