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Grillin' Out

Hello fellow OrganWise Guys Club Members!

It’s National Grilling Month, but if you ask me, it’s more like Grilling Season. I’m lucky because my dad loves to grill. In the past two weeks, we’ve had delicious grilled chicken, crispy grilled fish, and amazing turkey burgers for dinner. Oh, and grilling isn’t just for meat! Yesterday, we had vegetable kabobs. I even helped my mom put all the onions, peppers, squash, and zucchini on the sticks, I mean, skewers! (I just learned that the sticks that the vegetables were cooking on are called skewers.) Looks like this summer, I’m feeding my body with delicious grilled food, and my mind with new fun facts! Don’t forget to get your coloring sheet for today!OWG_Blog_Art_7-14-14

Until we meet again,


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