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Gwinnett County: 2015 Out-of-School-Time Expo

Live Healthy Gwinnett and GUIDE, Inc. hosted the 2015 Out-of-School Time Expo on Saturday, August 1, at Bogan Park in Gwinnett County, Georgia. We were so excited to be a part of this important event right in the home county of The OrganWise Guys! OWG President, Dr. Michelle Lombardo presented on the evidence-based out-of-school-time programming being used in a number of parks around the country and also was excited to exhibit at the event. We love seeing the healthy focus being put on this out-of-school-time.

Check out Live Healthy Gwinnett’s online album from the 2015 Out-Of-School-Time Expo as well as the pictures below!

2015 Out-of-school-time Expo

Dr. Michelle Lombardo with two lovely Gwinnett County Parks and Recreation interns.

We couldn’t resist sharing our OrganWise Gals in this retro photo from Live Healthy Gwinnett during Parks and Recreation Month in July.

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