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Happy Father's Day – Ties that Bind

Father’s Day is here once again and there are a few things that come to mind when I think of my own dad on this holiday every year … 1) He is very difficult to shop for; 2) He would prefer golf balls over ties every year as his gift and; 3) it reminds me of a couple of the actual “ties” that do bind us, and that is sports and athletics. My dad was fortunate enough to have had 3 daughters (even our dogs were girls growing up!) and so his pre-child daydreams of days at the ballpark and watching his star quarterback son were certainly dashed when he had one girl after the next. It turns out that all three of us dove into various sports while growing up. My dad was at our practices, games (gymnastics meets in my case) and even took on coaching our teams. He was always proud of us and our efforts. Both of my parents always supported my drive and desire to compete in gymnastics for all of my childhood and through college.From Our House
It is through this love of sport and now other sports that my dad and I continue to share a bond. I became an avid football fan in college and continue to support my team (Go Penn State!) and football in general, today. I also have taken a liking to the sport of golf (watching, not playing). This worked out well as my dad has been a pretty serious (and really good!) golfer for years. I think that connecting through sports is a unique and fun father/daughter bond to share, and I feel fortunate to have this. So, on this Father’s Day, my dad will definitely not be getting a tie, but you can bet that his gift will include something sports-related!
What special bond do you share with your own father? What special gifts do you plan on getting your father this year?
By Maria White
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