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Happy Thanksgiving!

Hey everybody!

Happy Thanksgiving! What a great day to spend with family while eating a healthy, delicious meal! However, the day is about more than food and football. It’s about giving thanks for what you have. So be sure to thank your family and friends for being so great, and be thankful for your health too! And while we’re talking about health, here is one last healthy tip for the day: enjoy eating the turkey, but don’t eat the skin! It’s very fatty, and we all know too much fat can clog the arteries—and your heart does NOT want that to happen, trust me! All right, I have to go break up the whole wheat bread for the stuffing!
OWG_Blog_Art_11-24-11 (1)Get my coloring sheet and activity sheet for some fun today!

Gobble, Gobble, Gobble,
Hardy Heart

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