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Harvest Time!

Hola amigos!

Just because our trip across the country is over, doesn’t mean the summer fun is! We got back to find that it was time to harvest our garden. Our classmates kept the garden in tip-top shape, so it looked beautiful—and delicious! They even planted some other vegetables while we were gone, such as lettuce and spinach. You can bet that Peri Stolic is most happy about that! Since everything was ripe for the picking, we spent the day carefully removing our fruits and veggies from the ground so we can eat them later. Harvesting isn’t like pulling weeds though, it takes a lot more care, as you don’t want to break the fruit or vegetable off in the ground or squish it when you take it off the vine. This time being a strong muscle made me a little nervous -hehe! I quickly got the hang of it, and every tomato I picked made it to my basket safely.

After we finish harvesting the rest of the garden tomorrow, we are going to wash it all clean and then have a harvest feast! We’ll be sure to tell you all about it. In the meantime, get outside and have some fun in the sun, whether you’re gardening or playing tag with friends and when you come in to rest, get today’s coloring sheet!OWG_Blog_Art_8-8-11

Madame Muscle

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