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Have Fun with Children's Dental Health

In addition to American Heart Month, February also boasts the distinction of National Children’s Dental Health Month. Although dental health may not be your child’s favorite topic, we have some fun ideas to help you educate and promote good health for their pearly whites!

  • Buy fun dental supplies – Have your kids pick out their favorite character or color toothbrush along with a flavorful toothpaste. You can also find colorful dental floss and a special cup to rinse.
  • Read about dental health – Try It’s a Teethday Party for a bedtime story to help your child understand why brushing is so important.
  • Eat more apples – Apples naturally help remove plaque from teeth so not only are they healthy for digestion, they are also good for your mouth!
  • Find a child-friendly dentist – A trip to the dentist can be scary for young kids. Most of the time offices have fun themes and treatment techniques to make it more relaxing. Scope out some offices of local pediatric dentists to find one that best suits your kids’ tastes!
  • Track dental health progress – Click here to download a fun chart featuring Calci M. Bone that reminds your kids to brush at least twice a day. It’s a fun way for them to track their progress and encourages them to initiate brushing themselves. Make copies and use week after week for reinforcement.

Establishing healthy dental habits are important for healthy kids. If you have some fun ideas, we’d love to hear them!

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