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Healthy (But Tasty) Appetizers for your Football Festivities

We know that this time of year calls for numerous reasons to celebrate or throw a party. It starts with football season, that includes weekends spent tailgating and socializing, and moves right on into the holiday season! The good new is that some of your favorite festive recipes can be modified to be offered as a healthier version. Below you can find some tasty, yet still figure-friendly, options to use at your next get together!

Healthy Hummus – Next time you have a football party, be sure to offer hummus with veggies for dipping to your guests for a healthy alternative to cream or cheese-based dips! How can you make your homemade or store-bought regular hummus healthier? Add your own veggies, of course! Check out our OrganWise suggestions for boosting the nutritional value of hummus here.

Lighter Spinach Dip – Restaurant spinach dips are typically high in fat because of the cheese that is used. To lighten up spinach dip, but still keep the flavor, cook one package of frozen spinach on a stovetop with some oil and your favorite flavorful veggies (we like minced onion, garlic and jalapeno). Mix together with 1 cup blended low-fat cottage cheese. Then add fresh ground pepper, parmesan cheese and/or low-fat mozzarella cheese. Broil the dip for a few minutes to make the top bubbly then serve with cut up veggies.

Simple Corn Salsa – Salsas provide an opportunity to get your daily requirements of vegetables in during a party. Check out our recipe for a healthy and tasty salsa dip that goes great with baked pita chips!


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