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Healthy Fish and Stem Vegetable Recipes

The March Foods of the Month included fish and stems. In case you missed it, each Monday of the month, we shared some really tasty recipes containing these two foods including tuna melts and other tuna meals on a budgetrhubarb popsicles and a rhubarb parfait.

If you are looking for some other recipes containing these yummy foods of the month, try out these:


Tasty Tilapia – Here you will find simple recipes for baked tilapia, tilapia tacos and even a tilapia burger! Yum!

One Dish Salmon – Choose some of your favorite veggies and cook together in this fantastic one-dish salmon recipe.

Shrimp Dinners – Try these high-protein dinners including shrimp pad thai, loaded veggie and shrimp quesadillas, and even an easy gourmet shrimp pizza.

Shrimp pizza recipe


Celery Snacks – Featured here are some kid favorites including ants on a log, celery turkey wraps and dipping sticks, and blue cheese celery boats.

Fennel Citrus Salad – Pair up fennel with some sweet citrus in this tasty salad!

Asparagus Appetizers – Looking for unique asparagus dishes? Try our asparagus tapenade, mini egg and asparagus toasts or baked asparagus fries!

Asparagus fries recipe

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