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Healthy Hearts

Hey everybody!

This is month is American Heart Month. We all know that it is important to keep your heart healthy with lots of exercise, high-fiber, low-fat foods, and plenty of water, but hearts also need to feel loved.  So this month we are going to talk about bullying. Unfortunately, bullying is becoming a big problem in schools across the country (my school included). Sometimes, you may not even know that your classmate is being bullied, you might just see a kid that is a little sad and needs a pick me up. One of the easiest things you can do is to simply smile at them when you see them. You work hard to brush those teeth and keep ‘em shining bright, so show them off by smiling! Who knows whose day you might brighten!

Check back all month for many ways to keep your heart (and others’ hearts) healthy! And don’t forget, it’s Thursday so that means you can get a coloring and activity sheet here!OWG_Blog_Art_2-2-12

Have a great day,
Hardy Heart

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