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Healthy Valentine's Day Ideas

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! Recently we’ve heard a lot about the problem of childhood obesity and the types of food that kids are getting at home. A few years ago I was traveling to a remote corner of Louisiana and ended up staying with some friends over Valentine’s Day. I was so impressed with the way that mom celebrated the holiday without loading her kids up on sugar. I walked into the kitchen that morning to find a “party” – pink balloons, fresh fruit and sweet cards were awaiting each of her children at their breakfast spot.  OWGArt2_7
Here at OWG headquarters, we spent some time brainstorming fun ideas for you to help your kids have a healthy Valentine’s Day, too!

Make A Special Breakfast – throw together some whole wheat pancakes and grab a heart-shaped cookie cutter – instead of adding syrup, slice some fresh strawberries and even add a little honey on top.  If you’re rushed for time, there are lots of great varieties of whole wheat waffles in the freezer section of your supermarket.

Decorate  their room – heart-shaped balloons, red streamers, heart-shaped post-it notes with special messages, etc.

Prepare a Special Snack – low-fat chocolate or strawberry milk, low-fat yogurt with strawberries….all served on festive plates!

Get Moving – turn on some music and throw your very own Valentine’s Day dance – no awkward boys on one side of the room and girls on the other – just move!

Tell them how much you love them – because really the biggest thing that kids need to know is that they are loved! Take extra time today to tell them how much the mean to you!

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