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Helping Out This Thanksgiving

According to Feeding America, nearly 49 million Americans don’t know from where their next meal will come. This is true even on the day that we celebrate the biggest feast of the year. This year, consider how your family can be involved in helping every member of your community to have a meal not only on Thanksgiving, but every day.

  • Find your local food pantries. You can use resources like Feeding America or call local community organizations and churches. Find out what their needs are. Because of another tough economic year, many food pantries are worried that they will not have enough food to distribute. Set aside $25 of your grocery money and take your family to the store. Find out how much you can purchase for that amount. Canned fruits and vegetables are great choices because they are non-perishable and healthy!
  • Consider getting a smaller turkey and using the extra money to purchase one for your local shelter. Often grocery stores donate a certain amount of turkeys to shelters and food pantries, but it may not be enough. This will mean less leftovers for you and a potential feast for another family.
  • Volunteer as a family at the local food pantry or homeless shelter. Food pantries depend on volunteers to sort donations and shelters to prepare and serve meals.
  • Find out what your faith community is doing to support those in need. Call one of your leaders and ask if they know of any families in need. Consider donating gift cards to local grocery stores.
  • Help your kids understand hunger. It’s not a problem in a far off land, it’s a problem right here in your community.

We think you’ll find that taking time to help others this holiday season will create lasting memories for your family! If you have a great experience, please share it with us. It may just inspire others to do the same!


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