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High Five to Low Fat

Hey team!

It’s time for healthy resolution number One. Do you know what it is? That’s correct. It’s choosing low-fat foods and drinks! Do you know what’s low-fat? Fruits and vegetables are as well as lean turkey, skinless chicken, and lean pork. (Remember to choose baked or grilled options since fried foods are high in fat!) So keeping resolution number One isn’t so hard! You can also buy the low-fat version of plenty of your favorite snacks. We all know I love milk, so I use skim milk when I eat my raisin bran cereal in the morning. You see, you can still have the foods you love while leading a low-fat lifestyle. So let’s try and make everyday a low-fat day, especially when it comes to dairy choices!  Don’t forget to get my coloring and activity sheet today!OWG_Blog_Art_1-5-12

Talk to you later,
Calci M. Bone

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