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Hola OWG Club Members!

Madame Muscle here, and boy am I pumped to be writing my first blog! So, here it goes! …

madame_calci basketball

This weekend, I played basketball with some of the other OrganWise Guys. Before we got started, I drank ple

nty of water and made sure to stretch—I didn’t want any tight muscles preventing me from making a lay-up! I told the others that they should do the same in order to help avoid injuries during the game. Everyone listened, except for Calci M. Bone. She insisted this wasn’t a problem for people like her: athletes in great shape. I tried to tell her that everyone should stretch, but she paid me no attention.

We got to the gym, divided into teams, and started playing. The score was really close, but more importantly, we were having a lot of fun! Toward the end of the game, Calci got a rebound and went flying down the court on a fast break. She was almost to the goal when she came to a very sudden stop. We all rushed to her, as this was very unlike Calci. She never quits. When we got to her, she looked up sheepishly at me and said, “I got a cramp in my calf muscle.” Now, I could have laughed, telling her, “I told you so,” but no one likes a bragger! Instead, I offered to help her up and get her some water. She gladly accepted. Calci also said she will be sure to join me in drinking water and stretching before and after physical activities.

I hope you all do the same! Cramping up during physical activity is no fun for you—and your muscles don’t like it either!

Have a great day! Adios!

Madame Muscle

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