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Holiday Ideas for the Classroom – Letter FROM Santa

One final GREAT idea from Ollena Jackson from Virginia Cooperative Extension that you can use in the classroom (or in your boy/girl scout troop, after-school program or even at home):

letterLast year Santa Claus sent all of my classes a letter (after permission from the principals was granted). In the letter I talked about how hard it was for Santa to make it through the entire night with all of the sweets the kids leave him to snack on so Santa asked for veggies and fruit to be left for him instead this year if they didn’t mind. 🙂 “He” told them about the exercise program that Mrs. Claus has them on and told them how much all of the reindeer and elves enjoyed and were learning from the OWG (after all, Mrs. Claus uses OWG in her classrooms at North Pole :). The letter was so much fun and the kids went crazy over it.

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