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Holiday Screen Time

I love this time of year; the lights, the decorations, family, good food, and lifted spirits. I also love the never ending TV holiday specials. It seems as though at any point during the month of December, you can turn on your TV and find a Christmas special of some sort. From cartoons to celebrity caroling, there’s something for everyone.

Because of my love of these holiday specials, my family and I can get sucked into the TV for hours. Before we know it, lunch time is close and we’re still in our pajamas. While this is a fun treat every now and again, I’m serious when I tell you that this could be a daily occurrence in my house during the holidays if I don’t pay attention to the screen time my children are exposed to each day.

Sure, screen time for kids is easy. As a parent, I can wrap presents, prepare meals, clean, or do whatever else I need to because my children are entertained and quiet (did I mention quiet?!?). But, it’s also important to me to actively engage in my children’s day and when asked, they would almost always chose some sort of fun activity with their mom over watching TV (I bet your kids would too, just ask).

Some ideas we use in our house to reduce screen time include:

  • Boxes – These can be used for just about anything … trains, forts, houses, you name it, we do it.
  • Crafts – Holiday craft ideas are endless. Try Pinterest or google ideas for a fun activity
  • Cooking – Get your kids in the kitchen. They’ll be more likely to try what you make.
  • Scavenger Hunt – Make it a useful one. Send them on a scavenger hunt to find the supplies you need!
  • Family Olympics – Each family member comes up with a station for the others to participate in. It can be as simple as pin the tail on the donkey or balance a cup on your head.

As you can see, the ideas are simple but I guarantee they will create lasting memories for you and your children.

Hardy Couch Potato with Madame Muscle

Happy Holidays,


small MGriffin headshot copyToday we feature OWG guest blogger and childhood obesity consultant, Melodie Griffin. Melodie’s passion lies in the prevention of childhood obesity through the school and early learning settings. All programs Melodie promotes are fully approved by her home based lab rats, five year old son, Howie, and two year old daughter, Hope.

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