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Holiday Traditions from the OWG Family – Julie

Julie is a master organizer and works hard to keep us running smoothly in the world of OWG. It won’t take long for you to know how proud she is of her two kids, Taylor and Marin. Here’s a little insight into the Green family traditions. The Green family has many traditions for the Christmas Holiday. My kids, Taylor and Marin, open an early Christmas present as we decorate the fresh tree. Each year an ornament is given to represent the happenings during the current year. Some include, a pair of baby booties that represent the first Christmas in the Green family, to a glass kayak and a glass flat iron this year for the teens. It may not be that sentimental to Taylor and Marin at this time in their lives, but Scott and I love to see them unpack each year’s ornament from Christmas’ past and relive the cherished memories of their lives. kayak

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