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Home-Grown Dinner!

Well hello everyone!

As The OrganWise Guys, it comes as no surprise that we look forward to eating healthy meals every day. However, yesterday’s meal was special because we were eating food that we had grown in our very own garden! While I know we all worked hard, both on the garden and on preparing the meal itself, I was still a little nervous that it wouldn’t be as tasty as the food we normally ate. It turns out that there was no need to worry: It was delicious and fiber-iffic! We had so many salads to choose from—spinach salad, garden salad, Greek salad, and even a cucumber and strawberry salad! That last one was a happy accident – haha!

I intend to keep the garden growing moving forward, as all these fruits and vegetables keep me moving at a steady pace! Now go enjoy a salad of your own, and be sure to check out this week’s coloring and activity sheet!
Talk to you soon,OWG_Blog_ART_8-11-11

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