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Homemade Gifts

Hey team,

Christmas is coming up, and as a kid, it can be tough to buy gifts for people. We can’t drive, and my allowance only goes so far. So I’ve been thinking about homemade gifts I can give for the holidays. I’m going to give my mom a bookmark that is a picture of us with a piece of ribbon attached to the top. For my dad, I got a coffee mug at the dollar store and then, with the help of my mom, used her special craft paint to put a moustache on the mug. Fun, easy, and doesn’t break the piggy bank! I just have to think about what to make Madame Muscle. I’ll be back Thursday to let you know what I come up with, but first make sure and download the coloring sheet for today!

Talk to you later,

homemade giftsCalci

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