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Homework: Get it Done!

Well hey there!

This weekend flew by so fast. It felt like I got out of school Friday afternoon, blinked, and then it was Sunday night! The good news is that I had a weekend full of fun times with friends that included kickball, a walk around the lake, and a healthy picnic. While I had a lot of fun doing that, I kind of let my homework take a backseat. Yep, I just kept putting it off until I realized it was time for bed Sunday night and I hadn’t done it! So I had to stay up extra late to finish it.That means I am very tired today, but that’s what happens when you wait until the last minute. I definitely learned my lesson though! The next time I think about putting off my homework, I’ll remember today and how tired I am! My friend, Sir Rebrum, suggested doing it first thing Friday after school. He says a brain likes to relax on weekends KNOWING that his work is done and that he doesn’t need to worry about it all weekend. So my new motto is: Homework: Get it done!

Keep living OrganWise,
Luigi Liver

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