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Homework Help

Hello fellow OrganWise Guys Club Members!

It has taken me a little longer than usual to get back into the whole school routine. Everything isn’t clicking like it normally does. The homework, in particular, has given me a lot of trouble. My school offers extra homework help for students, but I’ve been too embarrassed to go. I didn’t want any of my friends to see me there and think I am dumb. Besides, I like playing outside with my friends after school, and I didn’t want to miss out on that. But after my last quiz grade, I knew I needed to get that extra help, so I went to the homework help session yesterday. And guess what? Several of my friends were there! So, by getting homework help, not only did I understand it better, but I also finished quicker than I normally would so I got to go play with my friends sooner than usual! My advice is to be smart and ask for help!

Don’t forget today’s coloring sheet!OWG_Blog_Art_9-12-13

Until we meet again,


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