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Hot Summer, Cool Treats

Hi guys and girls,

It’s July, and that means summer is heating up! Staying cool can be a real challenge.  Two ways I stay cool are drinking plenty of water and playing at the pool withfriends. However, my friend Colin and his family seem to think that staying cool means sitting inside all day and eating cold ice cream for dessert each night. Sure, they’re beating the heat, but they’re not doing it the healthy way! Last night I was invited to have dinner at his house. After we ate, they wanted to watch TV and break out the ice cream. Instead, I suggested we walk down to the local frozen yogurt shop. After some hesitation, they all said ‘yes!’ We walked a mile each way to get some delicious low-fat frozen yogurt! (I had mine with strawberries and blueberries.) Since it was evening, the temperature was much cooler, too! So you see, staying cool and eating healthy can be the same thing! To “sweeten the pot,” we really had a fun time getting know one another on our outing. It turns out that Colin’s family wants to keep cool this way a lot more this summer! So next time you want to keep cool, take a long walk and then eat a frozen low-fat yogurt. You won’t regret it!OWG_Blog_Art_7-2-12

Keep eating healthy,
Peter Pancreas

PS – Don’t forget today’s coloring sheet!

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