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I Love My Park and Recreation

Summertime is historically and statistically an unhealthy time for children. Summer camp can be the bridge from one school year to the next where an emphasis is placed on healthy habits and nutrition/physical activity education with a sprinkling of academics.

Thanks to the National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA) and funding from the Walmart Foundation, various pilot sites around the country were selected to test out the feasibility of implementing various components of the evidence-based Organ­Wise Guys nutrition and healthy living program during the 2012 summer camp season. Having Hardy Heart, Calci M. Bone, The Kidney Brothers and the rest of “the Guys” as fellow campers was a HUGE hit with kids, staff AND parents. The creativity that has evolved from these sites is inspiring and we look forward to working together with more sites in the future!

July is National Park and Recreation Month and we want to help spread the word! Parks can play such a big role in creating active lifestyles and healthy habits among children, so take advantage of the amenities and services they provided to your community.


The theme this year is “I Love My Park and Recreation!” The NRPA encourages everyone to share why YOU love your park and recreation site! There are a number of resources available on their website. So, share the love by posting on your social media outlets to help spread the word!

  • Tweet out what you’re doing this July and don’t forget to re-tweet @NRPA_news. Use the official Park and Recreation Month hashtag: #ParkRecLuv in your posts. 
  • Connect with NRPA on Facebook for ongoing Park and Recreation Month updates. Like them and post on their page to share your love and what you’re doing this July.
  • Follow NRPA on Pinterest to see how others are sharing the LOVE and get inspired with ways to celebrate Park and Recreation month. Pin photos or create a board showing your love for your local parks and recreation too – use the hashtag #ParkRecLuv!

We can’t wait to see all of the exciting things that you are going to do with your family in the parks this summer. Please share stories and pictures with us!



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