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Ideas for Making Thanksgiving Healthy

It’s the biggest meal of the year with lots of turkey, pies, fresh baked breads, creamed corn, etc. it’s a time to celebrate food with friends and family. No matter how good we might be throughout the year, Thanksgiving tends to be a day of indulgence. The truth is, having a day like this every now and then isn’t a bad thing, the problem is our Thanksgiving attitude often tends to stretch itself all the way through New Year’s Day. Here are a few tips to help your family make this your healthiest holiday season ever!

  • Use this as an opportunity to get your kids to try new foods. Making a sweet potato pie? Purchase a few extras and bake them for the whole family to sample.
  • Don’t make everything a casserole. That green bean casserole is delicious, but so are some green beans steamed and sauteed with a little olive oil and garlic – throw in some sliced almonds for a healthy side!
  • Make enough food for a day, not a week. We often get in trouble not because we indulge on Thanksgiving but for the rest of the week….heading all the way into the new year.
  • Savor your meal. It takes a long time to prepare this meal, so make sure you take the time to enjoy it. Thanksgiving is famous for second and third helpings. Rather than doing that this time, eat slowly, leave the table feeling comfortable and enjoy a second plate later.
  • Eat your meal earlier in the day rather than having a huge meal later in the evening. Go for a family walk or organize a game of flag football afterwards.

Whatever tips you take to make your Thanksgiving Healthy, remember what the day is about: family, friends and thankfulness. Take time to focus more on those things and let the feast be an added blessing!

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