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If the Kidney Brothers Ruled the School

Hi-ya kids!
Just finished our homework assignment and, boy, was it a fun one! We had to write a paragraph of what rules we would make if we were principal for a week. I’ll give you one guess what our rules had to do with… WATER! Here were some of them

  1. After the morning announcements, each student had to drink one glass of water …  and then a glass at the end of each class!
  2. We would go on two field trips. One to the water treatment plant and one to the aquarium!
  3. Recess at a water park!

C’mon, does that school not sound like the coolest school ever! Even though all of our rules might not really happen, it’s fun to think about. Then again, they did take our suggestion of serving WATERmelon twice a week in the cafeteria, so who knows what can happen!  Keep dreaming!
Kidney Bros.OWG_Blog_Art_9-15-10

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