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Involve Kids in Meal Planning

involve kids in meal planningKids typically like to be involved in everything. In many cases, at a certain age, they also like to do everything on their own. Sound familiar? One positive way to use this excitement and eagerness to help is to involve kids in meal planning. What better way to start a conversation about healthy eating and also to encourage making healthy food choices, then by letting the kids help with the decision making? Win-win in our opinion.

Give kids several dinner options and let them pick which they want. Once meal time comes around, let them help with the prep work and also then the clean up! Just like Calci M. Bone, there can be one night a week where the kids are responsible for dinner (with a little assistance from the adults of course).

Make sure and download the coloring sheet for today to see what Calci M. Bone chooses for her Monday night dinner and to involve kids in meal planning:


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