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It was an exciting game….

Hey Team!

Are you kids ready to hear all about my game last weekend? Well, here it goes! I continued doing my positive thinking exercises just like Sir Rebrum said. The night before the game, I made sure to get a good night’s sleep, because we all know that being well rested is important for anything. For breakfast, I had some whole-grain cereal with low-fat milk (MM-MMM, I love milk!), as well as a banana and a tall glass of water. I got to my game early so I had time to stretch (thanks Madame Muscle!). Then I got my gear on and headed out to the ice to warm up with my team. Warm-ups flew by, and before I knew it, it was game time!

It was a very exciting game! We scored first with a shot so fast the goalie could barely see it, let alone block it. That goal gave us the lead until just before the end of the second period—that’s when the other team tied up the game. We spent the break between periods discussing our game plan and eating a healthy snack of orange slices. The third period went by so fast. I was playing well, but as the game started to wind down and we were still tied, I felt my nervousness creep back up again. I calmed myself down by focusing on the game and repeating Sir Rebrum’s sayings in my head. The next thing I knew, my teammate passed me the hockey puck and then two defenders immediately started skating towards me. I knew I had to get rid of the puck, but I didn’t have a great shot on the goal—and taking shots just to get rid of the puck is one of those mental mistakes I’ve been trying to overcome. So what did I do? I played it smart and passed it to my teammate, Sammy, and he SCORED!! We were all so happy. It turned out to be the game-winning goal—and I had the game-winning assist!

When I went back to the clubhouse later that afternoon, I brought a bone-healthy celebration snack of low-fat frozen yogurt and strawberries to share with my good friend Sir Rebrum as a way to say THANK YOU for helping me out! I hope you all take some notes from Sir Rebrum (and now myself) and think positively. We can all train our brain for success!  I wanted to give you another coloring sheet from my post-game celebration. Click here to download it!

Talk to you later,

Calci Hockey2

Calci M. Bone

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