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It's My Job! (Well someone has to do it!)

Hello again,

I know I just blogged, but I am so excited that you all get to hear my song this week, “It’s My Job,” that I begged to blog again. I hope you’ve listened to it, but if not, head over to the Videos section on the Kid’s tab and watch it—it’ll be up this entire week! It’s all about me taking care of business in the body. By business, I mean getting the waste out and keeping the nutrients in! But I also started thinking about all my other jobs—jobs that you have, too. Obviously, healthy eating is a top priority: If you don’t eat healthy, then getting rid of the waste becomes more difficult. Exercising is another job that is high on the list. Getting daily physical activity is a great way to keep all of us OrganWise Guys happy! Drinking lots of water will help keep The Kidney Brothers working for years to come AND will keep your own Peri Stolic clean, too!

You and I, as exceptional youngsters, also have other jobs. First, we make sure to clean up after ourselves. We don’t want to leave messes at the kitchen table or in the classroom, do we? This means that we need to put our energy toward putting away things when we are done using them. Taking out the garbage is also important (and it’s what I do in the body!). Doing our best in school is also high on the “job” list. We need to make sure we get our homework done, study for our quizzes and tests, and always be respectful of teachers and other students.

Peri Trash Can

Listing all of these jobs reminded me that I have some homework of my own to get done. I’m sure you kids can think of lots of other jobs we need to perform everyday, so let’s get to them! But first, remember to get today’s coloring sheet by clicking here!

Talk to you soon,

Peri Stolic

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