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It's My Month!

Hey Everybody!

It’s Hardy Heart! I am overjoyed that it’s February. Can you guess why? Because February is American Heart Month! That’s right, an entire month devoted to reminding everybody how to take care of his or her very own Hardy Heart. (It gets me a little emotional when I think about this and really tugs on my heartstrings.) I am so excited to remind you (and all of the other OrganWise Guys Club Members) of easy ways that you can keep you heart healthy and beating for years to come. One way to keep your heart in good shape is to stay in good shape! Staying physically active is very important to keep your heart strong, so walk the dog, play some basketball, or dance in the living room. Just get me pumping and you’ll be good to go!

Check back for more heart-healthy tips from the other OrganWise Guys!  In the meantime you can click here to get my coloring sheet and here to get a fun new activity sheet!

Happy American Heart Month!Hardy Dog Walking


Hardy Heart

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