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July Healthy Shopping on a Budget

In July, we learned some smart shopping tips for finding healthy foods on a discount. We made four dishes, including one entree, two snack items, and one side dish with some leftovers for $41.57. Here is a picture of what we made, along with our receipt:

July Budget


This month, we scored some great deals at a gourmet, higher end grocery store by paying attention to the daily deals. We typically only stop into this store for one or two items because it can be pricey to shop for a full week’s worth of food. However, we noticed an advertisement for some deep discounts for shopping on Friday. We knew this was too good to pass up, so we went back to the store on a Friday and scored some awesome finds! For example, the Friday special on salmon saved us about $7.00 alone! There were also great deals on fresh produce, like the mangoes we used in our recipes.

So, to be a smart shopper, pay attention to daily deals that some higher end grocery stores may offer. These are a great way to save money!

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