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Jumpin' into Fun!

Hey Team!

Wow, this summer sure is flying by! Soon enough, we’ll be back in school, eating healthy lunches in the cafeteria, learning history in the classroom, and playing with friends at recess! Ah, recess, my favorite part of the day. In fact, I got so excited thinking about recess that I rounded up some of the other OrganWise Guys for one of my favorite recess activities: double-dutch jump rope! It’s been awhile, but I was ready to jump back in (literally)! I got Hardy and Pepto to swing the jump ropes, while Madame Muscle and I took turns jumping. It took some time to get back into the swing of things, but soon enough Madame Muscle and I were both jumping in at the same time, and we even managed to do some one-footed spins while in the middle! It was a good time being outside and jumping rope with friends! It was exhausting too though, so we were sure to have plenty of water nearby to keep us hydrated!

I hope you guys are getting as excited for school (and recess) as I am! While you’re waiting, we’ve got an activity sheet and coloring sheet for you!

Talk to you later,OWG_Blog_Art_8-18-11

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