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June Foods of the Month Tips!

6829975660_111df72db8Happy June! What better way to celebrate this sunny, warm weather than with berries and peppers, the June Foods of the Month(FoM)! Today, we share some simple tips on how to increase consumption of these nutrient-dense foods. Share these tips with your family, friends, and colleagues and we encourage you to try them for yourself as well!
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Check out our tips below on ways to add berries and peppers to your meals.

Tip 1:  Top cereal with berries! Add blueberries to whole grain pancakes for a sweet treat. Or try berries mixed with fat-free or low-fat yogurt. Check out this video for more OrganWise Guys Tips: http://bit.ly/zWec64

Tip 2:  Cooking Italian for dinner tonight? Add extra veggies to whole wheat pasta. Yummy peppers enhance a pasta sauce. Spinach, onions or cherry tomatoes add texture.

Tip 3:  Toss strawberries onto your salad to get a health boost. Pepto will thank you!

Tip 4:  Make a fruit smoothie! Blend strawberries, blueberries or raspberries with bananas and ice cubes for a tasty treat.

Tip 5:  Cut up peppers, carrots, and broccoli and put the mixture in the fridge. Use these already-prepared veggies for a quick addition to salads, to dip in hummus, or to include in a veggie wrap.
Tip 6: The Kidney Brothers love when we drink H20! In these hot months, sip on water (add fresh lemons, limes or oranges if you like) when you are thirsty and avoid high calorie, sugary drinks.

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