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June Healthy Shopping on a Budget

Berries and peppers (the June Foods of the Month) are great summer time foods that can be used in light dinners and snacks. When it’s hot outside, these foods are healthy and keep us full without being too heavy.¬†Our June recipes and meal ideas (pictured below) had a great balance of fruits, veggies, and dairy to be both filling and nutritious at the same time.june budget post


For a total of $32.86, we made two appetizers, a breakfast smoothie (with lots of leftovers!) and a snack plate for two people. Now that fresh fruits and vegetables are in season, we experimented with using these ingredients in our meals over meat or grain based options. Not only can you save money by loading up on fruits and veggies when they are in season, but it’s a great way to challenge yourself to try new things! To budget further at the grocery store, visit your deli counter to buy freshly sliced sandwich meat over packaged meats. We found this to be a great way to save money for our hummus snack plate. Not only are you getting fresher meat, but you can customize the amount you want, which will make it more likely to not waste the food. Remember to always go for low-fat deli meats that are low in sodium!

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